Digital download of our Debut ‘Future Primitive’ on Freebird Records. ‘Future Primitive’ consists of 10 hard rocking stoner songs recorded in super high definition by Menno Bakker at Bunts Utrecht and mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate, Earth, ISIS, Sunn 0))), Egypt).

  1. Blizzards of Gain
  2. Ride the Tide
  3. You Blues, You Lose
  4. Reelin’ in the Wasted Years
  5. Stabbed on the Throne
  6. Haunt Me No Longer
  7. Reap the Sown
  8. Ashes in the West
  9. Vultures at Bay
  10. Bailiff’s Blues

You will receive a download code shortly after payment is received.

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